Solo Soluciones S.A.

Solo Soluciones S.A.

The company engaged in the manufacturing and commercialization of key control systems, designed for organizations operating in different market sectors.
Key Vigilant systems are highly recommended for:
Car dealers and garages/Fleet of vehicles / Transportation companies
Police / Firemen / Security forces /Private security forces /Hospitals / Airports /Exhibition and convention centres /Real property agencies / Factories
Universities and schools /Thematic parks / Casinos /Sporting facilities /Business /Shopping centres/Corporative office buildings/ And many mor

In the UK, the authorised distributor is BAE Supplies, which with the expertise of its business team will help companies solve the management and control of their keys in an economical way.

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Products Company Key Control Systems, Key Management
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First, Last Name Crabas Diego
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(0054) 11- 47521530

Fax (0054) 11- 4713-2457

Buenos Aires


Capital Ferderal

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Casilla de correo Argentino  107

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