About Us

We are a company dedicated to the promotion of Argentinean companies and products in the International market, specially the Russian Federation market and of those countries which were one part of the Soviet Union.

Our mission is to boost Argentinean companies to open to the opportunity of the exportation generating more sales and the expansion of their business market.

By being the bond between the producers and businessmans abroad, we assumed a strong commitment with the growth of our clients.

Our web site is Multilanguage providing Russian, Spanish and English versions with the only goal of facilitating the importer companies with an easy tool to look for products abroad. This enlarges the market of any company registered in our portal.

ExportarYa services are specially thought for small and medium Business which, shaping an important part of our economy, wants to stand in the global market. If you want to be known worldwide ExportarYa is the virtual link you are looking for


Newsteller about Argentine’s companies.

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