Enterprise E. Gherardi e hijos S.A. has 75 years of history. And for 38 years has been developing equipment for direct seeding. This gives the company the prestige and recognition of its products in Argentina.

Starting in 2007, E. Gherardi e hijos SA operates in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Companies are not only limited commercial interest. During his time in these countries has been transferred a lot of useful information on the cultivation of various crops in the technology of direct seeding. Seminars and training of agronomists. The result of the farmers in close cooperation in the construction of planters made significant changes. Resulting in improved performance drills. And adapt them to the needs of clients.
During all these years the company has taken in hundreds of Argentine farm managers and professionals who have been trained technology of direct seeding. Agronomists GHERARDI provide their own information, as well as coordinate meetings with scientists, experts from the INTA (National Agricultural institutes of Argentina), members of the Association of Producers working on direct seeding (AAPRESID) and AACREA (Association for Regional groups for experimental crop). Organized trips to farms in different regions of Argentina.
During his time in Russia set up a network of dealers and created a large stock of spare parts, for operational support.
 Plant engineers Gherardi, dealers and specialists that provide continuing technical support to clients working with technology Gherardi. Annually from Argentina coming technology for support of clients during the planting season.
Developed in Argentina drills for direct seeding are recognized globally as a technology-oriented to use in intensive crop production.
We invite all interested to cooperate.

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