Alimentos Magros S.A.

Alimentos Magros S.A.

Alimentos Magros leads the market for vacuum-packed pork cuts and sausages, through its Magret brand, for having remained faithful to a concept of quality over time.

Magret Quality originates in the field, in the careful genetic selection carried out by our producers, under rigorous certified health plans.

It continues right there with the supply of rations based on grains of freshness and controlled health, until it achieves a lean, healthy pig with homogeneous weight and characteristics.

It continues in our plant through processes in which we reiterate daily our commitment to Quality, to maintain through our products and over time, the idea that inspired them.

The Magret concept combines traditional recipes of European origin with modern Quality Assurance techniques and results in an unmistakable Premium quality.

Magrets proposal combines the pleasure of a product of exclusive and delicate definition, with nutritional care and food safety.

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