Celestal Saic

Celestal Saic

Celestal S.A.I.C. is an Argentine Company founded in 1964, dedicated to the manufacture of combs and brushes and of hand tools (screwdrivers, plastic head hammers and hexagonal wrenches).
Since the very beginning, the injection of cellulose acetate in the fabrication of combs and brushes constituted the main activity in the plant, giving birth to brands "Venado" and "Oyonnax", still in vogue nowadays.
In 1982 another business group bought the Company and the metallurgical section opened initiating Celestal tools’ manufacturing and trading. Cellulose acetate plastics trading also started, a material coming from cellulose acetate ester, of foreign origin, which is used in the manufacture of eyeglasses frames, false nails and shoe heels.

In 1993 the Company built a second plant, dedicated to manufacture PVC pipes and accessories for rain and sewer drainages. Within the country the trading of these products was a success leading the brand "Nivel 1", one of the market leaders. This success along with the country’s situation, which favored the purchase of Argentine companies by foreign companies at that moment, lead to the sale in 1996 of this second plant.

Products, quality and guarantee
All the articles we manufacture share the raw material with which they are made: cellulose acetate. Working with this material guarantees top quality products as top quality combs and brushes around the world, are manufactured with this material as well as the handles of some tools. We point out that Celestal tools are manufactured with chrome-vanadium steel, truly hard and resistant.
Celestal guarantees all of its products, trusting the quality of the raw materials used in the case of tools, guarantee is for life.

The Company’s policy is to establish that the products manufactured work satisfactorily. Thus in Celestal, four quality basic concepts rule: productive process, effective customer’s service, efficient organization and personnel’s commitment with the company. All

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