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Gelatin Of Special, Reversible Duplicate

Indications: all the basic coatings phosphate, and to blinder all the stucco of type 4 of good quality and manifolds possibilities of application in the technique of the spill of the resin very good exactitude of reprodu ...


Hardening Bath Coating Models

Hardening bath in the heat of the moment for coating models they are used in the heat of the moment. In the phase of hardening they penetrate very well in the surface of the duplicated models, leaving them hard and smoot ...


Liquid To Polish Electrolytic Bath

Liquid for chromium-cobalt the electrolytic alloy brightness. not only is adapted for the Eltropol but also for the electrolytic apparatuses of other manufacturers and it always constitutes an effectiveness guarantee. ...


You Graze Polishing For The Polished One In Dry

You graze polishing for the polished one in dry they are united with wax so that the work is clean and with very little dust. They do not contain any dangerous component for the health. ...



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