Ammonium bicarbonate food grade


Property:Ammonium Bicarbonate is colorless rhombic or monoclinic crystals or white crystalline powder. The relative density is 1.58 and the melting point is at 107.5°C.It is easily soluble in the water, readily forming an alkaline solution. ( The density of saturated solution is 11.9g/100ml at 0°C and 27g/100ml at 30°C.) The PH value of 0.08% solution is 7.8. It is soluble in glycerin. It decomposes into carbon dioxide and ammonia. Its hygroscopicity is strong and after moisture-absorbing it gives off the irritating smell of ammonia which is not present when the material is dry. It easily effloresces in the air. Usage: It is mainly used as advanced food baking powder. It is employed together with Sodium Bicarbonate as a constituent of swelling agent for bread, biscuit and pancake. And also it is a raw material for foamed juice. It is used in rinsing in boiling water for green vegetables and bamboo shoot and in medicine and reagents. email :flyingsky1681at163dotcom skype:ranwenying Mobile/whatsapp 0086-13622067476


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