Confection Sunflkower Seeds


CONFECTIONARY SUNFLOWER SEEDS IN SHELL PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS  PRODUCT TYPE: CONFECTIONARY SUNFLOWER SEED  DESCRIPTION: Confectionary sunflower seeds, good typical flavor, free of strong, stale, flat or rancid flavor, free of odors, firm texture, not brittle or soggy, air cleaned, destined, screened, gravity separated, practically free from materials.  APPEARANCE: COLOUR: Grey / White Colour (depending on hybrids) FLAVOUR: Natural flavouring, Free from odors SIZE: Large Size: 22/64 Up Medium Size: 20/64 to 22/64 Small Size: 16/64 to 20/64  CHEMICAL-PHYSICAL: TEST VALUE METHOD Moisture Range (%) Max. 10 Tesma Tester Mechanical Damage (%) Max. 3,00 I.T. WSA Insect Damage (%) Max. 0,30 I.T. WSA Foreign Materials (%) Max. 0,20 I.T. WSA Heat Damage (%) Max. 0,50 I.T. WSA Total Defects (%) Max. 4,00 I.T. WSA Below Mesh (%) Max. 5,00 I.T. WSA  MICROBIOLOGY: TEST RESULTS Standard Plate Count Max. 10000 / G Total Yeasts and Molds (UFC/gr.) Max. 250 / G Entero Bacteria CEAE / 40gr. Max. 50 / G E. Coli / 1gr. Neg. In 1,0 gr. Salmonella / 25gr. Neg. In 25 gr. Total Aflatoxin Max. 4 ppb  PACKAGING: New Paper Bags, 3 or 4 sheets and polyethylene liner with 50Lbs. New polypropylene bags with 25Kgs. Container lead: in 40’, 900bags per container.  STORAGE: Product must be stored in fresh, dried and clean rooms preferably below 18º Celsius. Product must be protected from chemical or physical contaminants. Storage rooms must be free from plagues, insects or rodents. SHELF LIFE: 12 months from packing date.


1 x40" FCL


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