Bioriented Polypropilen film (Bopp)


Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene in rolls second choice for use of impressions or laminations, labels etc, to offer several micron ratings


Other company products



Great variety and sizes, Whites, blacks and Strawberries, packed in bags and bulk Minimum Order 1 Container ...



Kabuli Type. Grain sizes of 7 8 9 and 10mm. Max Moisture 15%.Max Selection 1+1+3.Polypropylene Bags:25Kg / 50 Kg. Chickpea Flour Max Moisture 12% (100°-105° C), Minor Raw Wheat 2,75%, max fats 6%. Pac ...


Lentil Dryed

Size of 4 to 6 mm Max Hum 14% Purity 99,5 % Uniform Size Bags of paper / polipropylen of 25 and 50 kgm ...


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