Your environments perfumed per months! It perfumes your home, business or office of a modern and decorative way. WAY GIVES I USE: 1.-Desenroscar the lid and to withdraw the insertion of plastic. 2.-6 rods To return to screw on and place it inside. 3.-To allow that the rods should be impregnated and return to give them. 4.-the rods Give turned every 24 hs. Our diffusers have a high degree of concentration and the manufacture of the product needs not alone good quality in essences, but also knowledge, raw materials of high quality, structure and time. THE FRAGRANCES OF MAJOR QUALITY WITH BETTER PRICE OF THE MARKET.








Other company products


Body splash - colony for bath

Body splash that they perfume, hydrate and strengthen the skin with emollient agents and the freshness of his essences. Fragrances: lilacs, gardenias and orange blossoms. ...


Perfume for clothes

For textile use, home, autorail, the best performance applied on any fabric. They are real perfumes with very high concentration of essence (15 to 20 %) in 65 % to 75 % of Neutral alcohol of cereal. Components of very go ...


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