Argentina is the main exporter and the first largest worldwide producer of popcorn. The quality of land under cultivation is internationally recognized, thereby delivering outstanding coloring, size and outburst capacity. All these features are the result of an efficient management of crops, soil conditions and genetic variety. From the best lands, we select, harvest and process our popcorn, which is then offered to our customers. Deion: Popcorn. Quality: Grade A . Color: Orange or vitreous yellow, according to variety. Outburst: 99% up.


1 x20


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Kabuli Type. Grain sizes of 7, 8 and 9 mm. Max Moisture 15%.Max Selection 1+1+3.Polypropylene Bags:25Kg / 50 Kg. ...


Confection Sunflkower Seeds

CONFECTIONARY SUNFLOWER SEEDS IN SHELL PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS  PRODUCT TYPE: CONFECTIONARY SUNFLOWER SEED  DESCRIPTION: Confectionary sunflower seeds, good typical flavor, free of strong, stale, flat or rancid ...


Soyt Lecithin

Soybean lecithin (E-322), fluid, amber-brown colour and thin clear film This product is derived from genetically modified soybeans (Roundup Ready). Therefore, the product has to be labelled regarding GMO’s according to ...


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