Our Phytoterapic products are aproved by the Argentine Health Department. Each one of them correspond to different therapies and all of its elaborating processes are made according to GMP standards. ADISOL HEREDIA Reduces the silhuette and normalizes the digestive function. Their herbs with active principles of proven effectiveness will obtain in just a short time what you are looking for. SEDANTE HEREDIA (SEDATIVE) A verified formula that will help to obtain the serenity you need. It helps in a relaxed sleep and in a calm awakening. LAXANTE HEREDIA (DETOX) A mix of 10 herbs to obtain the wished aim, naturally. EL FAMATINA 7 herbs that collaborate in the digestive function. After a plentiful meal, a cup of El Famatina will ease your heavy sensation. CYM, REDUCING MEDICATION Tablets of medicinal herbs indicated to reduce weight. A combination of three herbs that attack the main factors of the increasing of weight. POMADA HEREDIA Always in your medicine cabinet. For scrapings, cuts, hemorrhoids, cracked skin, ulcers, etc. It inmediately alleviates, it protects and reconstitutes the affected zones.




37,5 gms






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