Flavored Teas


Our varied line of herbs, teas and flavored teas, inspired by tradicional formulas and some new created by our development department. Flavores: Peach Flavored Tea Berries Tea Lemon Flavored Tea Orange Flavored Tea Apple and Cinnamon Flavored tea Assorted flavors Tea




40 gms


USD 5000


1,20 FOB


Other company products


Green Tea

GREEN TEA Watched carefully from the plantations throughout the whole elaboration process to preserve all of its precious virtues. ...


Organic Tea

Our plant is certified for organic production by ARGENCERT SRL, the leading product certifing organization in Argentina. We hope these products are of your delight. Flavores: PEPPERMINT LEMON VERBENA MATE TEA BL ...



Our Phytoterapic products are aproved by the Argentine Health Department. Each one of them correspond to different therapies and all of its elaborating processes are made according to GMP standards. ADISOL HEREDIA Re ...


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