Integrated System Of Administration


We have developed a software (it programs) that covers the organization necessities and control of their trade or company. The intention is to make more profitable its business. We know that the costs play a preponderant factor when analyzing the gain of each product, for it is it that with a good Integrated System of Billing (Control of Stock, Billing, Ctas.Ctes. of Clients, Ctas.Ctes. of Suppliers, Book Banks, Books of IVA Sales and Purchases, Control of Expenses, Statistical (rotation of products, sales in connection with previous years, etc.), Individual Upgrade of Prices or Grupal, Emission of Rótulos, Reception of Merchandise, Audit of Users, Copy of Security, etc.) you will have free time to think as selling more and better. It is also developed under I half-close Windows, a graphic interface that makes easier and more dynamic the handling of the different options of the system. Once he/she learns the handling of the same one he/she will become an indispensable tool for their company, being able to save time in their tasks. It fulfills all the effective norms of the AFIP (DGI) and it is prepared to work with homologated fiscal controllers. Another of the advantages of the system is that he/she allows to work in net, that is to say, to concentrate all the information on a Servant and to have Positions of Work where one can bill or to consult data that the users need. The same one has an audit where is reflected the entrance and the users expenditure. And lastly the fact of being a program developed to measure will allow him to go adding options according to its operative necessity








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