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Laboratorios Heredia


Laboratorios Heredia was created in 1996 and from its beginnings, it was dedicated to the manufacturing of herbal products. In its plant of Boulogne, Argentina, processes and packages infusions for its own brands and for numerous companies that trust their products to us.

Laboratorios Heredia accounts with the most suitable technology and a constant update according to the requirements of the market and the regulatory authorities. Our plant is approved to manufacture Phytotherapic, Alimentary, Organic and Kosher products by the correspondent certifing agencies. (ANMAT, MSPBA, ARGENCERT, OU Orthodox Union).

The care of the quality of the products that we elaborate, is supervised by external audits, that verify the controls made by our tecnical personnel. Beyond this, we our proud to say, that we work in order that our products are like You, our client, deserves them.


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Nicolas H. Bellolo


Manager of the Int. Trade Department







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